The precession of the equinox


The precession of the equinox is observed as the stars moving across the sky at the rate of about 50 arc seconds per year, relative to the equinox.


Conventional theory holds that this phenomenon is due to the gravity of the sun and moon acting upon the oblate spheroid of the earth causing the axis to wobble (the lunisolar theory). The alternative explanation advanced by the Binary Research Institute is that most of the observable is due to solar system motion, causing a reorientation of the earth relative to the fixed stars as the solar system gradually curves through space (the binary theory or model). We find the binary model better explains acceleration of the precession rate, better predicts changes in the rate, answers a number of solar system problems and has none of the paradoxes or inconsistencies associated with lunisolar precession theory.2


The Research section includes a summary of our basic work investigating the mechanics of precession, describes some of the problems with current theory and gives data to show that solar system motion is a better explanation for the observable known as the precession of the equinox. If you move your mouse over the word “Research” you will find this work broken into five further sections entitled: Introduction, Evidence, Calculations, Finding It and Papers and Articles. We invite you to browse.


For a tutorial on our alternate view of precession please begin with the “Introduction” and keep clicking the “Next” button and it will carry you through each section of the presentation.


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Predicting Changes in Earth Orientation

Dynamic Versus Static Solar System Model

Long term predictions of changes in the earth’s orientation to VLBI sources have been historically unreliable. The IAU has found that current methods are “not consistent with dynamical theory”. Part of the problem appears to be that measurements of the precession observable are made to points outside the moving frame of the solar system yet do not account for motion of the solar system relative to those reference points. We have found that by separating the motions of the earth within the local frame (of the solar system), from the motion of the frame relative to external reference points (outside the moving frame), long term measurements of the earth’s changing orientation may be simplified and predicted with a higher degree of accuracy. Click here to download full length paper.

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